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Running the Beaglebone Black on Batteries

I have several projects I’m working on that will use the BeagleBone Black. This is a fantastic platform for embedded stuff, especially for relative novices like myself. It’s a 1ghz ARM-based single board computer.

Several of my projects necessitate running unplugged. I looked at the battery cape option, but at $40+, I thought a home-grown solution might work. I ended up going with the following solution, based on the traditional 7805 voltage regulator.

Battery pack

The 7805 isn’t very efficient, but it does keep the voltage down to 5v. I decided this was necessary based on what I read in the BBB manual and some forum discussions. Evidently, the BBB really doesn’t want anything more than about 5.25v input. The schematic is something like this:

Battery pack schematic

I have yet to do battery life testing, but with 8 2,400mah batteries, I’m fairly hopeful.